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      ShenZhuang Group has won the 2017 Annual Outstanding Hui-merchans Enterprise of Guangdong Province
        Source:本站 Data:2018-01-17


      ShenZhuang Group has won the 2017 Annual Outstanding Hui-merchans Enterprise of Guangdong Province

      -Carrying forward the Hui-merchants spirit and Actively taking new era responsibility

      The successful opening of the 19th National Congress of  the CPC ushered  in a new era. To pay tribute to the new era and  to show the elegant demeanour of the new Hui merchants.On 9th. Jan.2018, "2018 Guangdong-HONG Kong-Macau Greater Bay Hui-merchants summit" and”Anhui chamber of commerce in Guangdong province set-up 5th anniversary celebration” was held in Shangri-la hotel in Guangzhou, which was hold together by Guangdong Anhui chamber of commerce, the Yangcheng evening news newspaper group, and  the Netease news to carry forward the Hui-merchants spirit and actively take new era responsibility.MR. WU Fugui, the Party secretary, Chairman, and vice President of the Anhui chamber of commerce in Guangdong province was invited to participate in the event.


      The theme of this event is to "carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and actively take new era responsibility” ,Through the resource integration of the chamber of commerce and the integration of the platform, to gather the wisdom of Hui-merchants elites. To call on the Hui-merchants of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay to practice entrepreneurship, to grasp the "The Belt and The Road", the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay , and the five strategic opportunities for development in Anhui. To call on them to pay close attention to the overall situation of national economic development, expand areas of development, accelerate the pace of development and create greater economic value. play its own role in the "two hundreds years" construction actively.


      At the ceremony, awards were awarded for the men of the year , enterprises of the year, outstanding enterprises and annual social responsibility contributions of Hui-merchants.Shenzhuang Group has won  the 2017 Annual Outstanding Hui-merchans Enterprise of Guangdong province

      The chairman,MR.Wu Fugui was appointed as the supervisor of Anhui-Merchants Academy.



      As the representative enterprise of Hui-merchants  in Guangdong. Shenzhuan Group has been in the decoration field for many years, who is the first units of "Double A", "Double level" qualification enterprises which approved by the State Ministry of Housing Construction. In 32 years of development, Shenzhuang Group keeps improving and forges ahead. In numerous star hotels, office space, commercial space, cultural construction and other fields of specialization of public decoration , the Group carrying forward the fighting spirit of Hui- merchants, finely crafted, boutique dedicated process, molded numerous high-quality classic works for the city construction. And played a role model with the leadership wisdom on the road of Guangdong and Anhui construction, The Group established Chizhou Shenzhuang Group Industrial Park in Anhui chizhou, who shares management experience and experience with industry peers and hui-merchant elites in the process of industrial development , and makes great contributions to the economic construction of Guangdong and Anhui. Shenzhuang Group is regarded as an excellent enterprise with a whole industry chain of decoration.

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